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Wednesday 8th December 2010
SKSC ask for your support in final bid for All Weather Pitch

 All Weather Pitch for Campbeltown

Your support is needed!

 As part of Argyll & Buteís Council commitment to working with the community the Council have employed PMR Leisure, Community Sport and Leisure Consultants, to continue to work with them and the community to ensure that the 3 G synthetic pitch facility proposals on Kinloch Park have the best interest of the community at heart, and that these, where possible, are shaped and supported by community needs and community partnerships. 

 As a result of work already carried out by PMR Leisure, Argyll & Bute Council has succeeded in a Stage 1 Application for the provision of competition standard 3G all-weather pitch built to UEFA, FIFA and FA specifications.  The proposals also include floodlights and completely refurbished changing facilities and additional maintenance garage.  The Council are now preparing a Stage 2 application which is the final and main stage after been given high priority status as stage 1.

 The proposed pitch will see one full sized and 2 seven a-side pitches as below.


 How can you help?  Please see below to find out

 Send supporting letters and e-mails

 As part of the stage two application to sportscotland we need to secure as many letters of support as possible.  We would urge you to support these proposals and give the community of South Kintyre the facilities that are enjoyed by our neighbours throughout Argyll & Bute Council.  Please provide letters of support direct to PMR Leisure which will be included in the funding bid to sportscotland.  Please address the letters to:

To whom it may concern, sportscotland, Doges, 62 Templeton on the Green, Glasgow G40 1DA  

and post or email to PMR Leisure, 4 Douglas Court, 15 Market Place, North Berwick EH39 4JF or email to info@pmrleisure.co.uk, fax 01620 890740

 In your letters of support you may wish to consider expanding on some of the following points: 

  • After a 10 year community campaign we are delighted to see our efforts will be rewarded with a new 3G pitch for the community of South Kintyre
  • Development of a 3G pitch will help the huge demand for young people to play sport in Kintyre
  • The 3G pitch will be the first of its kind for sport in South Kintyre
  • The pitch will help contribute to the development of young people and the Physical Activity improvements in our community.
  • The pitch will provide a long awaited sports site for the young people in Campbeltown accessible by walking, cycling and public transport within our community.
  • The pitch will help increase the capacity of our existing clubs, help all age groups and encourage sports clubs to reform and represent Campbeltown and Kintyre once again.
  • Provides a home for the development of our community clubs bringing a pathway for football to the community

Submit online letters of support for the planning application

 The plans have now been submitted to Argyll & Bute Councilís Planning Department and we need you to submit a supporting statement for the All Weather Pitch project.  However, we are waiting on these to appear on the Planning Department website.  Once validated and available to the public a notice will appear in the Campbeltown Courier and www.kintyreforum.com and will be promoted by the Sports Council.  We need you to submit an online supporting statement for the project. You will be able to do this by logging onto http://www.argyll-bute.gov.uk/PublicAccess/default.aspx,source the planning application for the 3 G pitch and click the Submit Comments button. This will open an online form into which the required information should be entered. Send your comments to the Local Authority by selecting the Submit Comments button at the end of the form.   Alternatively, and probably easier you can e-mail your comments direct to planning.maki@argyll-bute.gov.uk

 For further information and discussion

If there is a specific element you wish to discuss out with the public meeting please contact Penny Lochhead of PMR Leisure on 01620 895900.

South Kintyre Sports Council urges you to take the time to support these proposals and make sure this happens.  Make it happen!  Make it happen in 2011!



South Kintyre Sports Council are grateful to our sponsos (click on icons below for more information)

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